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Naturopath (BHSc)

Meet Ema!

Hey there!


I'm Ema Davis, and it's my mission to help you feel awesome in your own skin

I am a Naturopath (BHSc), self-proclaimed foodie, and writing enthusiast.

I love working with people from all walks of life, presenting with a myriad of disease types,
and am eager to
 explore the natural solutions to 
YOUR unique health challenges.

My passion project is empowering women all over Australia to achieve sustainable Weight Loss, and offering solutions for the improved management of Type II Diabetes, Blood Sugar Imbalance and Cardiovascular Dysfunction. These areas are particularly close to my heart, having personally experienced disease and healing within these body systems first hand. 

If you're keen to learn more about how I can help, the types of treatment I offer, or have a question specific to your condition, please book in for your FREE Health Reset Appointment

Also be sure to follow me on the Socials for weekly health tips, recipes and Naturopathic insight into the world of optimum wellness. Feel free to send me a message if there's a particular topic you'd love me to cover in a future post!

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a form of Complementary Medicine. Its purpose it to harness the body's innate capacity to heal itself, through means of nutritional, herbal, psychological and lifestyle interventions. Each and every client is treated as an individual, with a tailored health plan provided to facilitate restoration and invigoration of their wellbeing.

Naturopathic practice is based on the marrying of traditional holistic herbalism, successfully utilised by our ancestors for over 5000 years, and modern day advances in nutritional and naturopathic research.  

. . .

I rely on the combination of time-tested medicinal knowledge, passed down through generations, and scientifically endorsed, evidence-based therapies supported through modern research techniques.

. . .

What's involved in my treatment plan?

Tailored  nutritional recommendations
+  meal  planning

Comprehensive lifestyle & exercise advice to get you feeling your best

Unique, naturopathically formulated product prescriptions

Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of diets, fads and programs out there? Together we will create a custom nutrition plan, matched to your particular needs and treatment aims. Recipes, tips, meal inspo and templates will be provided to set you up for long-term success. And if there's a food you don't like, or really LOVE to eat, we'll always find ways to work with your preferences AND reach your health goals at the same time.

Whether you get excited by the thought of running a marathon, or dread the idea of doing a single star-jump, we will find creative ways to get you moving and feeling good. (Psst.. did you know exercise CAN be fun? You just have to find your jam!)

Additionally, we'll be discussing your sources of motivation, current routine and proven daily habits that will have you well on your way to establishing health & longevity

It is my understanding that no two people are the same. Therefore it makes sense that your treatment should be individualised to YOUR body, YOUR health and YOUR unique needs. Every prescription I offer is carefully formulated for the individual, and is dispensed according to specific ingredient ratios, dosage recommendations and best practices matched to every unique client that I see.

Ready to get your health back on track?

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