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Report of Findings Consult (45 mins)

Available for Return Clients Only

  • 45 min
  • 156 Australian dollars
  • TeleHealth

Appointment Details

Your first return Naturopathy consult is where the magic really begins. Armed with the clinical knowledge and insight developed through external dedicated research, review of test results and case analysis, your Naturopath will discuss their holistic understanding and synthesis of your unique health presentation. Together, we will negotiate a detailed and realistic overarching treatment plan, designed to pave the road back to sustainable wellbeing. You will be encouraged to book in for further follow up appointments to track your progress, update your treatment plan as required and tweak prescriptions as progress is made. The most consistent transformations to a client's health are established over time. Further dietary and lifestyle enhancements will be developed and consolidated gradually over further appointments, in the interest of establishing long lasting habits. The pace of our treatment plan will depend entirely on what is manageable for YOU. Depending upon the level of chronicity and prior duration of your condition, active Naturopathic care may typically last anywhere between four weeks and twelve months; You will then be placed on a maintenance plan, with extended durations between consults. Here we will begin to taper off your prescriptions and discuss guidance for long term health sustainability through dietary and lifestyle changes. A bi-annual check in will be advised to perform routine re-testing, and to ensure ongoing progress. It is my goal to have you feeling your best as soon as possible, and to offer you my support only for as long as you may truly benefit from receiving it. Autonomy and empowerment over one's own health is our primary mission.

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